My name is Rich. I love baseball, offensive humor, deep conversation, writing, The Killers, Flickerstick and watching Jeopardy. I despise stupid people, sunny days and anything Nascar related.

*WARNING* This blog contains sarcastic, risque, and caustic humor, with a dose of thought provoking, entertaining fun. It's provided for my own amusement and it's not intended to offend people, but if it does, oh well. I really don't care. If you are a fan of randomness, sincerity and mischievousness, you will love me long time. Enjoy, friendos.

P.S. Before you judge me, perhaps, you should get to know me.


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You let me down, I said it, now I’m going down 
And you’re not even around 
And I said no no no… 
I can’t keep it all together 
I know I know I know… 
I can’t keep it all together 
And there’s a memory of a window 
Looking through I see you 
Searching for something I could never give you 
And there’s someone who understands 
You more than I do 
A sadness I can’t erase 
All alone on your face

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